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Back in 2007 the Mayahz Global Concept Ltd was popularly know for Mayahz Mini Cafe, but the vision for better and qualitative service projected her horizon to building App and more advance services which was born from the heart of a young and outspoken man, who believes in the fact that to every disability is ability.

Pro Plus Mayah Edward Richie is the director and he is married with a beautiful wife and a bouncing baby, his vission and mission would not have being visible without the presence of Almighty God the way maker from glory to glory.

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Our Main Features

MGC LTD is a multinational IT Firm located in the heart of Niger State, Nigeria. with creative idea and professional working skill to meet everyday achievement through better computerized Data collection and evaluation. Our expertise is centered at quality services no matter how stressful and time limit it maybe, to certisfy our clients within and outside the country.

Information Circle

information chennelto reach a wide range of users and better sorting of relevant data.

Secure Data Base

Building a data base that can run both in the offline and online for any formof data collection.

Organization Growth

We provide ICT Knowledge to trainng staff for better administrative management.

Capital Market

With our excellent App proper measure on capital flow is checked and balance with reliable analysis to promote credibility.

Our Best Services

Try out any of our qua;ity service with full technical know how and available computer devices that would speed up any task to meet the right work done for all our clients and prompt notification of relevant information.

Full Consultancy

We provide basic consultancy service in both educational and ICT section for all forms of establishment.

All forms of App Design

We design all forms of professional DBMS for both small and large scale data collection, with secure login access.

Website Design

We design beautiful website from crash to finish with both static and dynamic .

All Online service

We provide all forms of device for any proper registration with digital camera, thumbprint and electronic signature to complete and form of submission

Clerical Work

We do typing setting, laminating,printing and design, filing and security.

Bulk Notification(SMS)

We send bulk SMS for any notification and scheduled periodically.