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Welcome to Mayahz Global Concept LTD

Mayahz GlobaL Concept ltd is an IT Firm located at the heart of Minna Niger State, Nigeria, we provide all forms of ant online services and clerical activities like;- type setting, email opening, colour printing , id card printing, Bulk sms and more, our services are unique that is why we having been standing out among other operators in the state

We have however gone behond the scope of providing quality service buth also building creative application to run anu form of data base in any kind of establishment such as schools, institution, firms, organization, hospital, hotels and the likes of other, our application is currently in use in most to the schools and firm with quality and outstanding services

Recently we have build the app that can facilitate better communication between any form of business in the state both from small scale to large scale businesses, our expertise can build any form of data base management system for any form of data collection and print, our creative approach to solve the problem of record system from the old method of manual system to a computerization and better method.

You can call for any of our service through any of the channel best to you, our consultancy service is free, design installation can be done from any where any time in any location. so feel free to call us.

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We are young inspired creative thinker to boost your imagination and achieve the goal for any organization

Porviding better and qualitative apprach to solving any form of challenge to put a smile on the faces of our clients.

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We growing gradually to meet the task for the day and also put a smile on our clients face with a corresponding testimonials